Our products for Roller Shutters

Products for roller shutters systems

Under the name Aceper, we manufacture any kind of accesories for roller shutters, aluminium and PVC foam filled slats and roller shutter casings.

Slats of Aluminium

Our aluminum slats are manufactured with different thicknesses and densities of foam. Measures of 40mm flat, 40mm curve and 45mm curve.

Slats of PVC

PVC shutter slats are available in different sizes (50mm, 45mm, 39.5mm and 36.5mm) and colors (white, ivory, gray and brown).

Boxes for blinds

We manufacture and distribute PVC and aluminum boxes. They allow maximum comfort and greater energy efficiency within the home.


Under the Aceper brand we distribute a large catalog of driving units for blinds, awnings and roller screen. With mechanical, electronic or pressure limit switches.


As a complement to the driving unit, we distribute command centers and transmitters to control the engines. We also have different types of automatisms.

Blinds Accesories

We manufacture and distribute all types of accessories for blinds and compacts: strap coilers, pulleys, straps of different sizes, axes, etc.

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